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Permisionless Money Markets: Fuse Protocol Overview

Virtually all lending/borrowing protocols are permissioned. Governance or developer intervention is required to support new tokens, etc. There is an important exception to this rule: Fuse. In this article, we’re going to to cover a high level overview of the Fuse protocol ecosystem. Buckle up, kiddos. We’re going on a trip. First, a bit of

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Vyper for Beginners — Interfaces

Welcome back to Vyper for Beginners! This lesson covers interfaces, the primary gateway that your smart contract will use to share data with other deployed contracts on Ethereum (or compatible blockchains). This builds off the previous lessons, so please review the series below if you need a refresher or encounter anything here that is unfamiliar.

How To Manually Revoke Token Approvals Without Etherscan

I recently did a guest post for the BowTiedBull Substack, diving into how tokens work and common user pitfalls. One of the most requested followups was how to manually revoke token approvals without Etherscan, in case one of the helpers like Etherscan’s approval tool or went down. The answer to that question is simple,

The Best Crypto Twitter Accounts

For better or worse, the cryptocurrency community lives on Twitter. The bird app remains the best place to find alpha, hear about hacks, and get a sense of the community gestalt.  Below are the 15 best Crypto Twitter accounts that are a must follow. There are some incredibly high-value follows that have a long history of

Vyper for Beginners — Variables, Flow Control, Functions, Hello World!

Welcome back to Vyper for Beginners! This lesson covers the basic structure of a Vyper contract, a review of Vyper’s variable types, Vyper’s built-in flow control logic (including how it differs from Python), and wraps up with a simple “Hello World” contract that you can deploy on a test net or a local fork. This

Vyper for Beginners — Toolkit

Welcome back to Vyper for Beginners! This lesson will cover my recommended toolkit for writing, compiling, testing, and finally deploying a Vyper contract. It’s no surprise that the most fully-featured toolkit for Vyper is written in Python. Brownie is, by their own description: A Python-based development and testing framework for smart contracts targeting the Ethereum

Axie Infinity Ronin Bridge Hacked For $545 million – Devs Find Out 6 Days Later

Making secure cross-chain bridges is not easy work, as Axie Infinity’s developers Sky Mavis found out. The leading GameFi protocol runs on the Ronin blockchain, which is optimized for gaming. On March 23rd, the Ethereum side of the Ronin bridge was hacked, for the loss of 173,600 ETH and 25.2 million USDC (~$545 million total

The Importance of Hardware Wallets

When you keep your coins on Coinbase, Binance,, and all other centralized exchanges you leave them vulnerable to bad actors. Worst part of all? You don’t own the coins, the exchange does because the exchange has your keys. If you’re serious about crypto you need a hardware wallet. “Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins.”

Summarizing the 2022 BIS Innovation Summit

The Bank for International Settlements had their annual Innovation Summit this week. Here is a background summary of the BIS, their intentions for CBDCs, and the ongoing project that is setting the stage.