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LARGEST EVER Coinbase Bug Bounty: 250k 

Twitter user Tree_of_Alpha earned 250k in the largest ever Coinbase Bug Bounty by finding a potentially “market-nuking” flaw. Tree_of_Alpha found an exploit in Coinbase’s Advanced Trading feature. This exploit allowed ANY person to sell ANY coin without owning it. Market-nuking indeed! The Discovery: Tinkering with UI Coinbase launched their advanced trading platform on November 3, 2021. The purpose was to integrate sophisticated

Game Theory and the Emergencies Act

Justin Trudeau and Parliament of Canada enact the Emergencies Act, enabling the freeze and suspension of Canadian bank accounts. Crypto has never looked brighter.

Crypto Takes Stage at the Super Bowl

The Crypto Bowl

Pro Sports and Crypto partnerships continue to be an indicator of longterm growth even in volatile market conditions.  As the market has continued to bounce up and down, one important narrative in the short term to look at is, Binance, FTX and other Crypto companies have laid out the most capital investment ever for

The US Digital Dollar

The Federal Reserve’s discussion paper on the Digital Dollar, and coverage on global CBDC developments.

DAO Future Uncertain After Wonderland Wind Down Vote Fails

This article is part of a series covering the Wonderland situation. See prior coverage here. Daniele Sestagalli, founder of Wonderland Money, recently made a proposal to the Wonderland DAO, proposing to wind down the protocol and distribute its treasury to wMEMO holders. The proposal (snapshot voting here) was bitterly debated and the DAO vote was