Milady NFT Brought Down by Claims of Grooming, Suicide, Nazism, Racism, and Misogyny

Milady NFTs are a recently launched project with growing popularity. However, recent news has linked the founders to racist, misogynistic, and anti-semite comments. Additionally, the founder Charlotte / Miya / Sonya was previously involved in a group that was grooming and manipulating teens. The self-described cult, KALIACC, is compared to a NXIVM-type grooming cult. Lastly, the group, also called remilia, was linked to an online suicide cult that claimed at least 1 teen death.

What is the dark story behind these childish looking NFTs.

What are Milady NFTs?

Milady NFTs are described as “a collection of 10,000 generative pfp NFTs in a neochibi aesthetic inspired by Tokyo street style tribes” on OpenSeas.

Milady NFT 503
Allegedly a founder behind this…”art”… is every “-ism” and spent years grooming girls to develop anorexia and be in a cult worshipping him

The word ‘Milady’ is an old-timey term used to reference a noble woman or high-fashioned women. It is used ironically nowadays.

Milady NFTs were designed by @Milady_Sonora and have @YOJIMBO_KING and @CharlotteFang77 as other founders.

MiladyMaker is the official site and has a a description of how each Milady is ranked (‘drip score’) based on the rareness of their attributes. Additionally, owning a Milady allowed access to a ‘highly customized minecraft server exclusive to the community’.

The roadmap also included NFT banners, exclusive mix tape audio only unlockable by each NFT holder, virtual reality use, and getting in real life matching merchandise.

At their peak, Milady NFTs were trading at prices over 10ETH ($20,000) and were being used as twitter profile pictures extensively. They were being considered to be on the path to being ‘blue-chip’ NFTs and holding up well during the recent NFT bear market.

Then the news of some dark history around remilia and Charlotte/Miya broke.

What Are the Allegations Against Milady Founders?

Charlotte Fang is the founder who has been tied to alternative online accounts that participated in unseemly behavior going back years. Allegations of Charlotte being the same person as Miya, @sonya_qafi, and BPD_GOD, were originally denied by the Milady Founder. Charlotte claimed Miya and the alts were different people. Eventually Charlotte admitted to it and ultimately left the project. However, Charlotte claimed all the allegations were out of context and just kids being dumb in chats and trolling.

The allegations themselves are pretty serious – racism, cyberbullying, grooming, nazi-ism, misogyny, and being in a suicide cult that convinced one teenager to commit suicide.

In the linked thread from @Oxngmi, he provides screenshots from chatrooms and private discords where you can see a sample. Addditionally, in the comments someone compiled screenshots of an entire private chat and posted on a separate site.

The comments include:

  • Comparing different races to animals at the zoo
  • Anti-semite comments
  • Telling girls with eating disorders they are fat after coaxing lewd photos
  • Sharing lewd photos of girls in the group chat
  • Having girls mark themselves with names and words for the lewd photos
  • Bragging about finding lonely children online and grooming them to be under the control of members of the group
Charlotte Fang / Miya of the Milady NFT steps down

Milady Founders Group, Remilia, Tied To Grooming Group KALIACC

The grooming ‘successes’ claimed by Charlotte/Miya and others are the type of stories the news used to use to scare parents. Going into eating disorder chats and befriending girls, manipulating them into an abusive online relationship, and convincing them they are too fat, for instance. They had group chats where they used alt acconts & other groomed girls to manipulate new members. They praised pictures of ‘health’ as being the most anorexic and shamed girls for eating.

They manipulated girls into marking their bodies with names and symbols and sharing lewd photos in the chat, similar to the NXIVM cult. In chats, Charlotte/Miya and friends held up that NXIVM was a good start. They even had a name for their own cult, KALIACC.

Charlotte/Miya also targeted lonely boys. In one claim, Charlotte/Miya turned a vocal anti-gay child into performing gay acts over the course of months. Charlotte/Miya bragged they started manipulating the boy into thinking he was transexual but got bored.

In general the grooming was based on finding mentally unwell, lonely, and isolated children on the internet and creating a dependancy. Then Charlotte/Miya & friends would slowly become more abusive and ‘punish’ the target by ignoring them, unless the target did what was asked. And the asks would become more and more extreme over time.

Milady Founder & Supporters Claim It Was All Trolling

In early attempts of damage control, Charlotte/Miya and the other Milady Founders claimed the above screenshots were all trolling. They claim that most of the stories were largely made-up or exaggerated. And Charlotte/Miya claims they would never hurt a fly.

Milady 5930 one ot the top rated

Milady Founders also claimed all the racist & misogynistic statements were off-color jokes among friends in what they thought was a private chat.

Some Milady NFT holders have come out to support the team and say it is no big deal. Other Milday NFT holders have targeted Oxngmi with threats and harrassment for bringing the claims into the public. Many of the Milady NFT holders have lost a lot of money with the drop in price. The current Milady floor is 0.3ETH.

Lastly, supporters of Milady community argue that one founder doesn’t break the community and the project is still strong. They point to other recent ‘leaks’ in other NFT projects as proof of targeted attacks. For example, the leak that the Azuki NFT collection founder was doxxed as a 3 time project abandoner. The leaks of up and coming blue-chip projects are allegedly being done to boost up the current blue-chip NFTs.

In addition to the grooming claims, the alleged suicide of a teen caused by the Milady founder group is another major claim.

Did Milady’s Founder Cause The Suicide of a Teen?

Charlotte/Miya lead a suicide cult called systemspace on 4chan. A 17yr old boy killed himself in Canada who was a memeber of the cult.

The ‘TSUKI Project’ is a cyber doomsday cult that believes we are all life in an AI simulation called ‘Life’. On July 1, 2167 ‘Life’ will permanently be shut down to save space on ‘Aurora’ within the multiverse called ‘Systemspace’. Members of the group who die on or after July 1, 2017 would be transported from ‘Life’ to a second simulated reality called ‘LFE’ which is a “cyberpunk paradise”.

The TSUKI Project started on 4chan chat boards and later opened a separate site for systemspace where believers could register. The project grew as YouTubers uploaded fake documentary videos about the project. After the suicide of a 17-year old trying to reach ‘LFE’, the site went offline for a while before coming back Nov 11, 2018. With its come back, it announced ‘Life’ had been unlinked and all newborns were born without souls.

The TSUKI Project offered services to members, such as uploading their personal computer from ‘Life’ to ‘LFE’ for a fee.

Conclusion – The Dark History of Milady NFT

Below is a link to the full thread of Oxngmi. In the thread, Oxngmi says only 5% of the material they received was provided. The 95% is stuff that didn’t have screenshots or couldn’t be fully proven, including other alternative accounts that may have been used.

The Milady NFT price has been beaten down. Some people are speculating that after Charlotte/Miya has stepped down, the product can move forward. And longer-term, the news and mystique around Milady may help the price by making the NFT a bit of a novelty. However, others think the project will slowly fade away like many projects do when they get hairy.

Regardless, the Milady NFT story likely has more news to come out.

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