Megapont Ape Club Prepares Ethereum Debut

Megapont Ape Club is the most successful STX NFT project to date, setting records for both trading volume and floor price. After launching the Megapont Robot Factory project for original ape holders, they surprised the community with a free mint of 10,000 Wasteland Apes. The Wasteland Apes are a joint project with the developers of Indigo: Act I, an interactive storytelling project.

The Megapont team announced the free mint on the first anniversary of the Stacks mainnet launch.

Their newsletter announcement focused on the Wasteland Apes mint, but also contained some exciting progress on their MegaKongs project.

Bridging the STX / Ethereum divide

MegaKongs were originally announced as a 100-count collection of hand-drawn Ethereum NFTs that could be passed back and forth to the STX network across the Banana Bridge. A bridge is a pair of smart contracts that allow a user to move an asset between two different blockchains. The Banana Bridge is a critical part of the Megapont roadmap, allowing the much larger NFT community on Ethereum to access the MegaKongs and the ETH version of the original Megapont apes.

Each Megapont ape will have a hand-drawn ETH counterpart, different but related to its pixelated STX version. A user may lock their STX version in the Banana Bridge and receive the counterpart ETH version on the Ethereum network. The bridged partner NFT is not tied to a particular address, so a sale of the NFT on either the Stacks or Ethereum side of the bridge will unlock its partner.

More Mints, More Kongs

The latest newsletter brought some exciting news about the MegaKongs in particular. Expanded in scope from the original hand drawn 100-count, the MegaKongs are now a 6000-count generative project launching in Q2 2022.

The devs have also rolled out a new MegaKongs website with some teaser sample Kongs and links to the project Twitter and Discord pages.

The MegaKongs will be available to addresses with a whitelist initially populated by the following rules:

  • 1 Megapont Ape = 1 MegaKong
  • 5 Megapont Robots = 1 MegaKong
  • 10 Wasteland Apes = 1 MegaKong

The Wasteland Ape project was a complete surprise, and learning that 10 Wasteland Apes = 1 MegaKong generated a lot of hype and the community rushed to mint out the 24-hour mint. On the secondary market, the Wasteland Apes quickly climbed to a 45 STX floor on StacksArt, STXNFT, and Byzantion.


With a prolonged sideways market for both BTC and ETH in recent months, altcoins, layer 1 chains, and NFTs have had a resurgence as capital seeks continuing gains.

If NFT season is back, MegaKongs and Megaponts have a bright future and a strong chance at success. The Banana Bridge is a critical piece of the plan, and the STX and ETH communities are excited to see progress.

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