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ERC-4626: The Most Important Standard You’ll Never Notice

If you’ve been following the right circles on Twitter, or caught the UpOnly podcast with Tetranode, you may have heard of ERC-4626. But what is it? In plain English, ERC-4626 is a standard interface to be implemented by yield-bearing tokens. 99% of the time, the user is not going to know or care whether their

What is Pixels Online?

What is Pixels Online, you may ask? Pixels Online is a 2nd generation crypto-gaming project centered around integration with existing NFT projects. The 5,000 unit genesis NFT mint, land plots, will drop January 26th, 2022, and features a novel play-to-whitelist mechanism. In the play-to-whitelist model, users have to put skin in the game by playing

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Vyper Now Supports Dynamic Arrays

Solidity, King of the Castle Ethereum smart contract developers are familiar with the Solidity programming language, but many have not tried Vyper. Vyper is a pythonic (similar syntax to Python) smart contract language for the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Vyper prioritizes security, readability, and encouraged simplicity to aid code audits. Solidity is the most popular

Feeling Like You’re Late to Crypto?

Feeling late, or having FOMO? Let’s get you started. While you’re not “early” to crypto anymore, you’re still not late overall. Crypto hit the mainstream last year. Catch Up to Crypto Bitcoin hit $1 Trillion is market cap in 2021, setting the major milestone for the fastest an asset reached $1T. Lots of people jumped

The Best Smart Contract Auditors: Ranked

Updated August, 2022 – Smart contract audits are a critical part of crypto security. Diligent audits from a quality firm help catch bugs and issues, as well as demonstrate that a protocol is serious about safety. Not all audit firms are created equal, however. The best smart contract auditors have a proven track record of

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The Daniele Coin Universe (DCU)

Daniele Sesta is the leader of Frog Nation and is popping up all over the Crypto-verse. Read a summary of the protocols currently tied to Dani

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NEAR Protocol: The Most User-Friendly L1

What is NEAR Protocol? NEAR Protocol, or NEAR, is a fully-sharded, Proof-of-Stake (POS) Layer 1 blockchain. NEAR launched on mainnet in early 2020, following a $21MM token sale led by a16z. One of the biggest narratives in crypto throughout 2021 was the emergence of alt-L1s like Solana, Avalanche, and Luna. So what differentiates NEAR and

What is an ENS Domain?

DNS – Domain Name Service Most internet savvy folks are familiar with a DNS which is like a phone book for the internet. Every computer on a network has a unique IP (Internet Protocol) address which often takes the form xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx. This address is the unique network identifier for any network address. Every website is