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A Crash Course on Ethereum

Uncovering what is behind the growth of DeFi, NFTs, and why Ethereum is the most widely used blockchain in the world.

New Year New Joe: New TraderJoe Tokenomics 

There’s a whole new Joe in town.  TraderJoe is the largest DEX (Decentralized Exchange) on the Avalanche blockchain.  TraderJoe tokenomics will change via adjustment of the staking mechanism.  To do this, TraderJoe will move from one to three separate staking mechanisms. The new staking mechanisms are: rJOEsJOEveJOE Currently, JOE is staked for xJOE which earns rewards in JOE. The new staking mechanism

New Opensea Contract Exploited? Massive Hack In Progress

Updated Feb. 20th – On February 19th, several owners of high-value NFTs had their entire collection of Opensea-listed assets pulled out from under them by an unknown attacker. Either the new Opensea contract was hacked, or users were hit by a phishing attack. Any users who interacted with Opensea’s new contracts should consider revoking the

Basic Rug Protection: 5 Hazards To Watch For in DeFi

Ask anyone about a DeFi token or NFT project, and their answer will probably include “DYOR” somewhere. Telling someone to Do Your Own Research is useful for absolving yourself of blame for their aping, but little else. Smart contracts are complex beasts. Fully auditing a protocol yourself before interacting with it is simply not practical

Trouble in Wonderland: $BSGG Airdrop Falls Flat Amid Growing Concerns

Prior to its fall from grace earlier this year, Wonderland Money was pivoting to operation as a DeFi hedge fund. On the advice of treasury manager Sifu, the DAO invested $18,337,000 USD into Betswap.gg, a crypto-native betting platform, in exchange for $BSGG tokens. On February 12th, a $BSGG airdrop went live to all snapshotted $wMEMO,

Evmos Rektdrop

Evmos: What to know about the “Rektdrop”

Evmos, Cosmos, and Blockchain Scaling If you care about blockchain scaling and modularity, Evmos is one of the most exciting new Cosmos ecosystem projects to watch. Scaling is one of the key issues surrounding the future of crypto and mass adoption. In contrast to Ethereum’s rollup-centric scaling strategy, the Cosmos ecosystem has an alternative approach

Crypto Takes Stage at the Super Bowl

The Crypto Bowl

Pro Sports and Crypto partnerships continue to be an indicator of longterm growth even in volatile market conditions.  As the market has continued to bounce up and down, one important narrative in the short term to look at is Crypto.com, Binance, FTX and other Crypto companies have laid out the most capital investment ever for

Stacks Co-Founder Muneeb Ali Launches New Company

In a surprise Twitter announcement, Muneeb Ali announced the creation of a new development company Trust Machines. Muneeb was previously the CEO of Hiro Systems, creating developer tools for building dApps on the Stacks blockchain. He has transitioned to an Executive Chairman role at Hiro. Muneeb’s new venture is focused on developing applications on both

OlympusDAO Doubles Down on Ohm as DeFi Reserve Currency

In a new Medium post, OlympusDAO has released information on the ambitious Olympus12 initiative. Olympus12 is a roadmap of the DAO’s efforts for the next 12 months, focusing on bringing $OHM into widespread use as a DeFi’s reserve currency. Becoming the reserve currency of decentralized finance has been the stated end goal of the protocol