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The Importance of Hardware Wallets

When you keep your coins on Coinbase, Binance, Crypto.com, and all other centralized exchanges you leave them vulnerable to bad actors. Worst part of all? You don’t own the coins, the exchange does because the exchange has your keys. If you’re serious about crypto you need a hardware wallet. “Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins.”

How To Monitor Smart Contracts Automatically, For Free

Traditional financial markets are only open during business hours, closed on the weekends, and take off for holidays. In contrast, crypto never sleeps. The blockchain never takes a day off (unless it’s Cardano). Handling this deluge of information is impossible for a single person to handle, and trying to ingest it all manually is inefficient.

LI.FI Protocol Hacked For $600k

Cross-chain swap and DEX aggregator platform LI.FI protocol was hacked yesterday, March 20th, for over 200 Ether. The attacker used a weakness in the protocol’s core offering, the swap function, to launch an attack that stole from a contract which doesn’t hold any funds. How is that even possible? The answer lies in token approvals.

DeFi Kingdoms Chain: Crystalvale

DeFi Kingdoms Chain: Avalanche Multiverse’s First Subnet

Avalanche Multiverse and Defi Kingdoms: Crystalvale The Avalanche Foundation recently announced the Avalanche Multiverse, a $290MM incentive program aimed at accelerating the growth of Avalanche subnets. The first recipient of these incentives is none other than the popular GameFi dApp Defi Kingdoms. In December 2021, after it had already become the most popular dApp on

MetaMask and OpenSea Block Users

Explaining what happened with Infura and MetaMask, and OpenSea. Clarity and next best steps provided. If you haven’t already, buy a hardware wallet.

What are Hiro HyperChains? A Scaling Solution for STX 

On Wednesday, February 23 2022, Hiro Hyperchains were announced. Hiro Hyperchains are a new, open-source development coming to the Stacks (STX) blockchain in summer 2022. STX brought smart contracts to Bitcoin a little over a year ago. Hyperchains are the first proposed scaling solution for the STX blockchain. As the transaction volume on the STX blockchain has increased, users

Governance Attacks and You: The Responsible Citizen’s Guide

At this point, most DeFi protocols at least brand themselves as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, or DAO. This form of on-chain governance places operational control of the protocol in the hands of token holders, rather than a centralized body. If incorrectly implemented, DAOs can be vulnerable to hostile takeover by malicious actors, aka a governance