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What Is The Tweet DAO?

What is the Tweet DAO? The novel social media NFT project is a collection of 1000 NFTs, each of which gives the holder the right to post a single tweet from the DAO’s handle every 24 hrs. The phenomenon has taken crypto twitter by storm, with the handle amassing over 5,000 followers over a few

HubSpot Hack Targets Crypto Companies

With the growing adoption of blockchain technology, and the explosion of crypto in the last few years, the issue of Cyber Security has never been more important.  Over the past weekend Sales & Marketing platform, Hubspot, released a security report revealing an incident where approximately 30 Hubspot portals were hacked and data compromised.  “At this

DeFi Kingdoms Chain: Crystalvale

DeFi Kingdoms Chain: Avalanche Multiverse’s First Subnet

Avalanche Multiverse and Defi Kingdoms: Crystalvale The Avalanche Foundation recently announced the Avalanche Multiverse, a $290MM incentive program aimed at accelerating the growth of Avalanche subnets. The first recipient of these incentives is none other than the popular GameFi dApp Defi Kingdoms. In December 2021, after it had already become the most popular dApp on

Governance Attacks and You: The Responsible Citizen’s Guide

At this point, most DeFi protocols at least brand themselves as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, or DAO. This form of on-chain governance places operational control of the protocol in the hands of token holders, rather than a centralized body. If incorrectly implemented, DAOs can be vulnerable to hostile takeover by malicious actors, aka a governance

A Crash Course on Ethereum

Uncovering what is behind the growth of DeFi, NFTs, and why Ethereum is the most widely used blockchain in the world.

The DAO Hacker’s Identity Revealed?

The infamous 2016 exploit of The DAO looted 3.6 million Ether, almost 5% of the Ether in existence at the time, and led to the controversial hard fork between the Ethereum and Ethereum Classic blockchains. Today, journalist Laura Shin claims to have uncovered the DAO hacker’s identity. She alleges that one Toby Hoenisch, an Austrian

Trouble in Wonderland: $BSGG Airdrop Falls Flat Amid Growing Concerns

Prior to its fall from grace earlier this year, Wonderland Money was pivoting to operation as a DeFi hedge fund. On the advice of treasury manager Sifu, the DAO invested $18,337,000 USD into, a crypto-native betting platform, in exchange for $BSGG tokens. On February 12th, a $BSGG airdrop went live to all snapshotted $wMEMO,