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MetaMask and OpenSea Block Users

Explaining what happened with Infura and MetaMask, and OpenSea. Clarity and next best steps provided. If you haven’t already, buy a hardware wallet.

What are Hiro HyperChains? A Scaling Solution for STX 

On Wednesday, February 23 2022, Hiro Hyperchains were announced. Hiro Hyperchains are a new, open-source development coming to the Stacks (STX) blockchain in summer 2022. STX brought smart contracts to Bitcoin a little over a year ago. Hyperchains are the first proposed scaling solution for the STX blockchain. As the transaction volume on the STX blockchain has increased, users

LARGEST EVER Coinbase Bug Bounty: 250k 

Twitter user Tree_of_Alpha earned 250k in the largest ever Coinbase Bug Bounty by finding a potentially “market-nuking” flaw. Tree_of_Alpha found an exploit in Coinbase’s Advanced Trading feature. This exploit allowed ANY person to sell ANY coin without owning it. Market-nuking indeed! The Discovery: Tinkering with UI Coinbase launched their advanced trading platform on November 3, 2021. The purpose was to integrate sophisticated

The DAO Hacker’s Identity Revealed?

The infamous 2016 exploit of The DAO looted 3.6 million Ether, almost 5% of the Ether in existence at the time, and led to the controversial hard fork between the Ethereum and Ethereum Classic blockchains. Today, journalist Laura Shin claims to have uncovered the DAO hacker’s identity. She alleges that one Toby Hoenisch, an Austrian

A Crash Course on Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin? How does it work? Why is it valuable? Learn everything you should know about BTC.

Game Theory and the Emergencies Act

Justin Trudeau and Parliament of Canada enact the Emergencies Act, enabling the freeze and suspension of Canadian bank accounts. Crypto has never looked brighter.