Summarizing the Executive Order on Digital Assets

A summary of the Executive Order that came from Biden today. There is incoming regulatory clarity, CBDC developments are serious, and the US wants to lead in crypto innovation.

MetaMask and OpenSea Block Users

Explaining what happened with Infura and MetaMask, and OpenSea. Clarity and next best steps provided. If you haven’t already, buy a hardware wallet.

A Crash Course on Ethereum

Uncovering what is behind the growth of DeFi, NFTs, and why Ethereum is the most widely used blockchain in the world.

A Crash Course on Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin? How does it work? Why is it valuable? Learn everything you should know about BTC.

Game Theory and the Emergencies Act

Justin Trudeau and Parliament of Canada enact the Emergencies Act, enabling the freeze and suspension of Canadian bank accounts. Crypto has never looked brighter.

The US Digital Dollar

The Federal Reserve’s discussion paper on the Digital Dollar, and coverage on global CBDC developments.

Personal Finance and Crypto

Integrate personal finance into crypto, address the long term outlook, and adapt to changes in investing.