The Daniele Coin Universe (DCU)

The DCU - spell, abracadabra, Magic Internet Money MIM, Popsicle, Wonderland TIME Memo, Sushi swap

Daniele Sesta is the leader of Frog Nation and is popping up all over the Crypto-verse. Read a summary of the protocols currently tied to Dani

Rug of the Month: December 2021 – $RUG

Rug of the Month

A coin with a listed APY listed as “Big…Trust Me Bro” that is literally called $RUG…You know you are in for an adventure when you see…

Migrating a MetaMask Wallet to a Ledger or Trezor

Migrating MetaMask to Hardware Wallet

Did you start messing around with crytpo on a hot wallet and before you knew it had a not immaterial amount of money on it? Then did you see a string of posts about MetaMask hacks on twitter? Maybe a BowTiedIguana wrote a post that made you realize that little Fox extension isn’t actually safe? … Read more

Is Your MetaMask Wallet Safe And Secure?

MetaMask Crypto Wallet

Have you been growing your crypto bag and beginning to worry if MetaMask is safe & secure enough? We dig into just how safe your money is ….

The Christmas Pamp – Fact or Fiction?

Santa Pumping Crypto Bags to the Moon

Crypto twitter is enamored with the Christmas Pump that happens every year…or does it? A quick look to see how much truth is in Santa…

Theopetra – What is it and Why You Should Care


You likely have come across Theopetra on Twitter talking about taking back housing from large institutions. Or maybe you resonated with giving the power back to the people. Or just noticed more ‘V for Vendetta’ masks than usual. The protocol certainly has been gaining traction. Founding and VIP members spots are being filled and account … Read more