Time For Wonderland To Be A Memory

Wonderland cat is really a snake

Wonderland is voting to dissolve the protocol after a series of controversies around Frog Nation’s leader Daniele Sesta & CFO Omar Dhanani…

What Is Going on With Irene DAO?

Irene DAO has traded over 2,300 ETH so far

Simplicity, Integrity, Meaning, and Purpose. What kind of wonderful, altruistic organization is proudly standing behind such lofty goals? Are they feeding the hungry? Clothing the poor? Rescuing puppies? No. This is crypto ser. It is a SimpDA

Rug of the Month: January 2022 – $WTF

WTF.fees is the rug of the month

$300,000 price swings, millions pilfered by the dev team, and the most ironic event since Alanis Morissette’s song in 1996…WTF…Yup, its January 2022’s Rug of the Month

An Introduction to Beanstalk DAO

Beanstalks never let anyone down

Trade some real-life money for magical beans (on the internet) and get rich…this kind of proposition has never ended poorly

The Daniele Coin Universe (DCU)

The DCU - spell, abracadabra, Magic Internet Money MIM, Popsicle, Wonderland TIME Memo, Sushi swap

Daniele Sesta is the leader of Frog Nation and is popping up all over the Crypto-verse. Read a summary of the protocols currently tied to Dani

Rug of the Month: December 2021 – $RUG

Rug of the Month

A coin with a listed APY listed as “Big…Trust Me Bro” that is literally called $RUG…You know you are in for an adventure when you see…

Migrating a MetaMask Wallet to a Ledger or Trezor

Migrating MetaMask to Hardware Wallet

Did you start messing around with crytpo on a hot wallet and before you knew it had a not immaterial amount of money on it? Then did you see a string of posts about MetaMask hacks on twitter? Maybe a BowTiedIguana wrote a post that made you realize that little Fox extension isn’t actually safe? … Read more