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Arbitrum One Update Lowers Fee’s

Today saw the announcement that the Arbitrum One team has released an update that further reduces transaction fees on the popular Layer-2 platform.  While Ethereum is the most popular Layer 1 blockchain ecosystem  (most DeFi and NFT projects are built on it), the gas fee’s have been historically high causing a lot of friction for

Dani Sesta Liquidated On His Own Protocol – wMEMO in Freefall

“ buys at backing” @danielesesta Dani Sesta liquidated – As the Frog Nation sits in the smoking crater of what used to be Wonderland’s market cap ($TIME), wondering what happened and why devs did not do something, this quote returns to mind. Founder Daniele Sestagalli had previously soothed fears of falling prices in the bear

OlympusDAO Doubles Down on Ohm as DeFi Reserve Currency

In a new Medium post, OlympusDAO has released information on the ambitious Olympus12 initiative. Olympus12 is a roadmap of the DAO’s efforts for the next 12 months, focusing on bringing $OHM into widespread use as a DeFi’s reserve currency. Becoming the reserve currency of decentralized finance has been the stated end goal of the protocol

Personal Finance and Crypto

Integrate personal finance into crypto, address the long term outlook, and adapt to changes in investing.

Irene DAO has traded over 2,300 ETH so far

What Is Going on With Irene DAO?

Simplicity, Integrity, Meaning, and Purpose. What kind of wonderful, altruistic organization is proudly standing behind such lofty goals? Are they feeding the hungry? Clothing the poor? Rescuing puppies? No. This is crypto ser. It is a SimpDA

Metaverse $MAGIC: What is Treasure DAO?

Treasure DAO is a decentralized effort aiming to connect NFT projects into a broad, story-rich ecosystem. The Treasureverse focuses on integrating DeFi in a fun, accessible way by gamifying underlying concepts like Liquidity Providing. The DAO is one of the largest players on Arbitrum, and has launched several projects, including native NFT collections and the

WTF.fees is the rug of the month

Rug of the Month: January 2022 – $WTF

$300,000 price swings, millions pilfered by the dev team, and the most ironic event since Alanis Morissette’s song in 1996…WTF…Yup, its January 2022’s Rug of the Month

ERC-4626: The Most Important Standard You’ll Never Notice

If you’ve been following the right circles on Twitter, or caught the UpOnly podcast with Tetranode, you may have heard of ERC-4626. But what is it? In plain English, ERC-4626 is a standard interface to be implemented by yield-bearing tokens. 99% of the time, the user is not going to know or care whether their


Treeverse: The MMORPG for Web3

What is treeverse? Treeverse is an upcoming free-to-play, play-to-earn (P2E) MMORPG built on Ethereum and developed by Endless Clouds (previously Mooner Labs). The leader behind the project is Loopify, an NFT artist who first gained prominence through the NFTrees project. Loopify announced Treeverse in Summer 2021, and mints for Founders’ Private Plots and Timeless Avatars

What is Pixels Online?

What is Pixels Online, you may ask? Pixels Online is a 2nd generation crypto-gaming project centered around integration with existing NFT projects. The 5,000 unit genesis NFT mint, land plots, will drop January 26th, 2022, and features a novel play-to-whitelist mechanism. In the play-to-whitelist model, users have to put skin in the game by playing

Vyper Language Logo

Vyper Now Supports Dynamic Arrays

Solidity, King of the Castle Ethereum smart contract developers are familiar with the Solidity programming language, but many have not tried Vyper. Vyper is a pythonic (similar syntax to Python) smart contract language for the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Vyper prioritizes security, readability, and encouraged simplicity to aid code audits. Solidity is the most popular

What is a 2nd Generation NFT?

A 1st generation NFT has several characteristics – a large collection (usually 10,000 or less) of randomly generated images designed to work as a profile pictures, which cost tokens to mint. 1st generation projects often provide little utility beyond holder-exclusive access. A 2nd generation NFT project is characterized by free minting, strong holder incentives, a

Beanstalks never let anyone down

An Introduction to Beanstalk DAO

Trade some real-life money for magical beans (on the internet) and get rich…this kind of proposition has never ended poorly

Feeling Like You’re Late to Crypto?

Feeling late, or having FOMO? Let’s get you started. While you’re not “early” to crypto anymore, you’re still not late overall. Crypto hit the mainstream last year. Catch Up to Crypto Bitcoin hit $1 Trillion is market cap in 2021, setting the major milestone for the fastest an asset reached $1T. Lots of people jumped